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FiTech Fuel Delivery Command Center

FiTech Fuel Delivery Command Center
FiTech Fuel Delivery Command Center 2
Part # 40004
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CA Prop 65 Warning - cancer and reproductive harm
The Command Center 2 is the ultimate answer to fuel system simplicity! Designed to be used in vehicles with stock fuel tanks converting from carburetor to EFI. The Command Center 2 eliminates that problem. Complete new design from years of testing has resulted in the most effective system anywhere. The pump in the Command Center 2 never gets uncovered because it receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system. So your system maintains a constant flow of fuel. The built-in regulator eliminates the need for an external regulator. Since the Command Center 2 is constantly circulating fuel to and from your tank, your fuel pump stays cooler and will have a longer life. The fuel pump noise is also muffled by being submerged in fuel 100% of the time. The Command Center 2 is the best way to provide the necessary increase in volume when adding a power adder such as boost or nitrous to your engine. So, whether you are racing, off-roading, or just cruising, this “compact” external fuel assembly is your all in one solution.

FiTech Fuel Delivery Command Center 2:

• Capable of delivering enough fuel for up to 800hp.
• A low fuel level in the fuel tank will not result in pump starvation.
• Single High Volume Flex Fuel 340 LPH pump is compatible with any EFI system.
• Maintains a 1.5 Liter (0.4 Gallons) reservoir of fuel in the module at all times.
• A submerged pump runs cooler than an external pump.
• Eliminates rigging costly EFI quality inlet and return lines for your fuel system.
• No needle seats or floats to get hung up or stick!
• Every FiTech Go EFI System is available with the Command Center 2 as an option.
• Precision machined extruded aluminum tank.
• Compatible with any other competitive aftermarket or factory EFI installation.
• Hard anodized and laser etched for durability and visual appeal.
• Compatible with E-85 gasoline and alcohol or methanol based fuels.
• Compact size makes it easily mountable in a variety of locations.

Kit includes:

• Main assembly w/340 LPH fuel pump, regulator, pressure gauge.
• 5ft high-pressure hose & -6 AN fittings connect main assembly to throttle body.
• Hyperfuel high-flow 30-micron EFI fuel filter.
• Return fitting and seals.