New Parts

New Parts

New Parts


In-Line Fuel Filter Replacement Element, 10, 40 & 100 Micron

Replacement stainless steel element for the HyperFuel™ premium 3½” in-line filters. Available in 10-micron, 40-micron and 100-micron filtration.

HyperFuel Inline Fuel Filter, Washable Element

Premium 3½” in-line filter with 10-micron stainless steel reusable/washable element. Available in 10 micron, 40 micron and 100 micron filtering

HyperFuel Billet In-Line Fuel Pump, 255LPH and 340LPH

Available in 255LPH or 340LPH, the Hyper In-Line Billet Fuel Pumps are high-pressure, high-output and quiet operating.

HyperFuel 40004 Fuel Delivery Command Center

When converting to EFI, this fuel delivery kit is a must.

Gas Tank Return Line Bung Kit, For Fuel Injection

 A fuel return line is must when adding EFI to your classic car or truck. We made it easy for you. No welding required.

FiTech In-Line Fuel Pump, 255 LPH

255LPH in-line Fitech fuel pump

FiTech In-Line Frame Mount EFI Fuel Delivery Kit

Good for up to 600hp, this kit get the fuel delivered

FiTech Go Street EFI Fuel Injection System, 400HP

Fitech Go Street EFI 400HP fuel injection throttle body conversion.

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FiTech Go EFI Fuel Injection System, 600HP, Matte Black

Hot New Kit. Fitech Go EFI 600HP fuel injection throttle body conversion.

FiTech Go EFI Fuel Injection System, 600HP, Bright Aluminum

Now available! Go EFI 600HP fuel injection throttle body conversion available in bright aluminum.

FiTech Fuel Force Fuel System

Feed your EFI with the new FiTech Force Fuel delivery system

Black Widow Widowmaker 6" Neighbor Hater Exhaust Muffler

Black Widow's most aggressive Neighbor Hater Widow Maker 6" Performance Exhaust Muffler.


Western Chassis will be consistently adding new items. The biggest addition of new product will be our new line of Muscle Car Parts, Classic Car, Truck Parts and FiTech fuel injection systems